Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

June 7th, 2012

Inazuma Eleven GO sequel Chrono Stone. It premiered on April 4, 2012. It is also the name that will receive the next set of Inazuma Eleven GO for Nintendo 3DS. Akihiro Hino has revealed on Twitter that the season will begin with Axel Blaze with 14, but has clarified that it is a flashback to the original series.

After winning the Holy Road and assist in teaching a new soccer program for children Matsukaze Tenma returns to school, but discovers that something very strange happened: the school soccer has never existed, Shinsuke making and the rest of the team are in other clubs and do not recognize. Confused, Tenma asks if it’s in a parallel world. Pondering, he meets a person named Alpha, a member of Omega Protocol, a team of El Dorado, which states that from the future and that its aim is to eliminate the football world. Now, the Inazuma Caravan has become a time machine, which used to travel through the ages and also can transform into any object. Rune Fey, a boy came from the future with his android in the form of bear named Wonderbot. Through his travels in time, Tenma together with the company and Tenmas Fey. It turns out that Fey has 200 years of the future and is trying to stop Alpha and destroy the football team since its inception.

The Anime apart from having its own soundtrack also shares with the soundtracks of previous seasons (The Original Series Season One and GO).

The game will bring a new way built, called Mixi Max, which made ​​the bear Wonderbot, which is that by bringing together the abilities of two players to create a new player.

Apparently, the operation of Yuuichi Tsurugi, Kyousuke’s brother, was a success as it showed up in a scan with the new soccer uniform (But remember football is because they give a special bracelet that does not affect the paradox time). Mark of young appear, and also with your avatar (Great Demon). Silvia will also young.

It is not known because one of the scans appear Shinsuke, Hikaru, Kyousuke, Takuto, and Kirino Ryouma the uniform of Raimon, since they do not remember anything of what happened. Although it appears the rest of the team.

Maybe players out Raimon (Original) and Inazuma Japan to recruit in the past.

Avatars will continue to exist.

The weakest lineup organization called El Dorado Mega Rock, as Omega Protocol is a team alternate. Their captain is Gamma.

Tenma may have a new avatar that looks like the Magic Pegasus evolution of Arc. New this year is that the avatars can be converted into armor called “Avatar Armor.”

It is unknown use. When Rune Fey merged with the dinosaur mode max mixi, her hair changes color to pink, you will stand on end, his facial expression becomes more aggressive and turn red eyes.

Apparently fey later will have an avatar of the Seri as in the chorus choir scan it can be seen surrounded by a black aura.

Inazuma Eleven ¡A ganar!

June 7th, 2012

Inazuma Eleven ¡A Ganar! (イナズマイレブン GO, Inazuma Eleven GO en japonés) es la nueva serie del anime de la saga Inazuma Eleven, producido por Level-5 y emitido en Tokyo TV. El primer episodio salió el 4 de mayo de 2011, y continua en emisión, acabará pronto,pues ya se ha rodado el primer episodio de su continuación. Inazuma Eleven ¡A Ganar! se divide en cuatro temporadas, todas con su opening y su ending. Los episodios han sido emitidos en Japón y en Corea Del Sur. En España empezaran a doblarla a finales de marzo, se emitira a mediados de enero de 2013 y recibirá el nombre de Inazuma Eleven ¡A Ganar!, Su secuela es Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone.

10 años después del TFI el mundo del fútbol ha cambiado rotundamente, ya que ahora es controlado por la organización Fifth Sector que lo ha sumergido en tiempos oscuros. El fútbol ya no tiene sentido. Sin embargo un joven proveniente de Okinawa, Tenma Matsukaze (nuevo protagonista de la serie) acaba de mudarse a Tokio en donde formará parte del Raimon. Él ama el fútbol y jugará de centrocampista en el Raimon. Su falta de talento al principio es compensado por su optimismo y su busqueda de mejorar cada día, aunque esconde grandes habilidades para regatear. Su llegada marca un nuevo inicio en el Raimon que comienza a recuperar las esperanzas y junto a su nuevo entrenador, Mark Evans, comenzarán esta nueva carrera contrareloj con el objetivo de devolverle el verdadero significado al fútbol.

Aoyama Shunsuke – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Aoyama Shunsuke (青山 俊 介) was a second team player of Raimon, and later with the first team.

Aoyama is a boy with short black hair and brown eyes negro.Su has the skin is very white and really is a skinny kid. Wears the uniform of the second Raimon who is white but later turns blue uniform of the first team.

Shunsuke Aoyama was a second team player of Raimon although it left him after the fight between Kyousuke Tsurugi but later joins the new Raimon by the same circumstances as his best friend Ichino Nanasuke.

He and Aoyama get along very well and whenever they could they would see the new Raimon workouts to see how improved more and how they had fun playing football. Shunsuke Aoyama was a second team player of Raimon although it left him after the fight between Kyousuke Tsurugi but later joins the new Raimon by the same circumstances as his best friend Ichino Nanasuke. He and Aoyama get along very well and whenever they could they would see the Raimon workouts to see how improved more and how they had fun playing football.

In Episode 19 he and Ichino decide to return to Raimon, first team and play against the computer Kaiou.

His debut as a player was in episode 35 where its first supertecnica use the Rapid Spin to regatearse a player.

Ichino Nanasuke – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Ichino Nanasuke (一 乃 七 助) is a character that appears in the series Inazuma Eleven GO!. He was the captain of the second team of Raimon. Is the best friend Shunsuke Aoyama. Currently in the Raimon.

Ichino’s hair is almost white with the tips of the sides in red and her eyes are blue. He once took his team’s uniform is the same as the one that Raimon blank until after entering the eleven Raimon placed his blue uniform.

Seem to care for his friend, Shunsuke Aoyama and looks much that he spends most time in the series. He also cares about football with his friend, the main reason why both returned and joined Raimon.

Ichino Nanasuke was a player and captain of the second team came Raimon rise until Ken Castle in Episode 1 and left his team unable to play football since destroyed.After that Ichino and his best friend Shunsuke Aoyama decided to leave the football club, something with which then arripintieron over time. Every time I saw Tobias play Quake and his team felt like playing football again.Later, he and Aoyama have been watching games Raimon, an example is in Episode 15, which both went to the Royal Academy to see the Royal party against Raimon.

In Episode 18, he and Aoyama was seeing the training of Raimon. When Tobias saw them, did as if they had not seen anything. The two are again playing football in the field. When he realizes that he was seeing in her training Tobias, Tobias leaves the field to talk to them about the Raimon Soccer Club. It was a surprise to learn that Ken Castle played in the Raimon – not as a SEED, but as part of Raimon.Finally just gave in and in Episode 19 with Aoyama asks Tobias if you could let him play in his team because he really likes football.

In Episode 20, watch the game against Kaiou Raimon on the bench. In the end, Raimon won the game.In episode 21, as Aoyama Ichino and said they were fine to play football during his match against Akizoura.

In Episode 22, sits on the bench against Kunimitsu Gassan, but when Ranmaru Kirino was eliminated in the match, both Ichino and Aoyama were nervous because either of them can be changed, but no one was changed. Later, it is understood why Kirino has been removed. In the end, again, the Raimon won the game. In Episode 26, sits on the bench and watch the game against the Alpine Institute.In Episode 30, sits on the bench and watch the game against Kirkwood Institute.

Tsurumasa Hayami – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Tsurumasa Hayami (速 水 鹤 正) is a midfielder Raimon.

His eyes are black and have white circular glasses. Has brown hair and is very thin. Bring headphones around the neck when wearing the school uniform Raimon. In the game, wearing your headset with both school uniforms and soccer equipment. Wear the uniform of Raimon.

Is pessimistic, almost always see things negatively. For example, when coach Travis Percival announces the ranking for the friendly against Eito. Before you say anything Michiya, Tsurumasa says it’s a waste of time. Rarely smiles and seems to be a close friend of Kaiji Hamano.

It is first seen with the team captained by Shindou Raimon Takuto to help the team that was attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. Later in the game against the Black Knights Raimon, Tsurumasa is crushed by Tsurugi, like their peers. Although many choose to leave the club, Tsurumasa remains. Displays an insecure personality but the field is determined. Later, in Episode 13, he decided to help the team against Mannouzaka Raimon.

Hamano Kaiji – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Hamano Kaiji (浜 野 海士) is a character of Inazuma Eleven midfielder GO and Raimon.

He wears glasses in the front and has brown eyes. His hair is dark blue and a dark skin tone. Lift up your sleeves when wearing his football uniform.

It is his 2nd year at the Institute Raimon. It has a big heart and loves fishing and the sea. Hamano has a very optimistic personality, being the opposite of the personality of Hayami as shown in episode 19. He is shown as someone who “goes along” people and almost no concerns about its environment. He seems to be very friendly with Tsurumasa Hayami.

It is first seen with the device group led by Shindou Raimon Takuto to help the team that was attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. Then gave a game against the Black Knights and lost. Shindou was taken to hospital. Tenma later tests the team in which Raimon comments made Hamano Tenma were very skilled. It is determined to fight the Fifth Sector, as Tenma, Shindou, Sangoku and Mark, but not too hard about it. In Episode 13, ultimately helps to Raimon and creates a new technology, balancing Aquatic. Later in the match against the Royal Academy, first aid to end the Lightning Final, but failed. Later, it was replaced by Shindou. Later, use the Aquatic balancing against Royal.

In episode 20, played with Raimon against Kaiou Academy. In episode 21, played with Raimon against Akizoura in a friendly match. also tries to score, but fails. In episode 22, he plays with Raimon against Kunimitsu Gassan. In episode 25, Hamano Kaiji mocks Midori and Midori gets angry with him when he started talking about Nishiki Ryouma. Midori Hamano twice her hand. In episode 26, after getting the hang of how to bounce on the Snow Field Stadium, he used his supertécnica, the Aquatic balancing, to bargain their opponents. In episode 34, Hamano has the ball, but is stolen by the Court of Hiroo Dimensional Kobato. Later, he is spared by the Ball souped Genichi Shiranui. Early in the second half, was injured after he ran over to Hamano Mahoro violently to steal the ball. He is replaced by Aoyama in episode 35, and he was injured and could not continue, Aoyama asks whether Hamano is fine, so yes, but this makes Midori is irritated, so that his arm was seriously injured because of Midori, because they hold the very strong hand.

Nishiki Ryouma – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Nishiki Ryouma (弐式 リョーマ) is a member and Raimon midfielder.

He has long hair, brown, have dark skin. Her hair in a ponytail and has important long bangs ending in points. When you bring your casual clothes, wearing a white shirt with blue pants and brown sandals when in the Raimon, wearing the uniform.

It seems he has a lot of passion for football and I missed Japan, as shown in episode 25, because when I was happy to be back to his country, Japan. It also seems to be very good in football as it was when Raimon was the front and “ace” who played in the Italian league and scored three goals in the match against Raimon Institute Kirkwood. He is very upbeat and a very daring. Shinsuke, as noted, he has a way of making his teammates have more confidence.

Ryouma Nishiki is set to appear in the Movie GO Inazuma Eleven: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon along with two new players Raimon, Kariya Hikaru Masaki and Dark and Raimon entire team, except for Tsurumasa Hayami, Kaiji Hamano, Kurama Norihito, Shunsuke and Ichino Nanasuke Aoyama. During the trailer, you can see that he and his teammates are very hurt by the supertécnica of Hakuryuu, Hurricane Luminoso.

Daichi Amagi – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 6th, 2012

Daichi Amagi (天 城 大地) is a defense of Raimon.

It’s big and fat and have long hair dark purple and brown eyes. He has great glasses under the chin.

Is a junior at the Raimon Jr. High. He is Defense. He hates everything that does not seem justified, and it is irascible.

It is first seen with the team captained by Shindou Raimon Takuto to help the team that was attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. In Episode 13, finally in the game against Mannouzaka decides to help win the game and make their technique, the Great Wall. In episode 15 helps Shindou, Hamano, Kirino and the Lightning Final Hayami, but fails. In episode 17, he, along with other members who carried out this tactic, and used to successfully complete the Final Lightning because it helped them to Ken. In episode 23, the new member, Masaki Kariya, who was revealed as a SEED in the previous episode, made up some lies about that Kirino was a bad defense, and that was also for the team, Amagi suddenly pushes on the back, saying that he is not good on defense. Amagi Kariya believed what he said, and had a short feud with Kirino. When asked if Kariya Kirino it had said, Amagi defended him and said no it had nothing to do with Kariya.

He used his technique, the Great Wall, again in episode 27 to try to stop the avatar of the Yukimura Big Snow of Saia but failed. Later it was changed by Hikaru. In episode 29, Raimon’s game against the Institute Kirkwood, he is sitting on the bench, worried and sad, not to be playing the game. In episode 33 thinking about quitting the football team but Hikaru stops him and makes him see reason as a child was a friend of Mahoro Kousaka Tadashi and Yukie. In episode 34, out playing in the match against the Academy’s Raimon Ghost. Out trying to stop throw Tadashi Mahoro, the Auction Illusion, with his technique, the Great Wall (short name) but failed in the end manages to stop the Wall of Atlantis.

Kurumada Gouichi – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 4th, 2012

Kurumada Gouichi (车 田 刚 一) is a character of Inazuma Eleven GO and Raimon player. Play defense.

He has dark blue hair tip, and his eyes are black. He has a bandage on his nose.

In Episode 3 comes out threatening a player Raimon. He describes himself as a defender that runs like a roaring train. He has proven to be very strong and irritable. It is shown that not easily discouraged, he tried to encourage the team in episode 7.

It is first seen with the team Raimon team is led by Shindou Takuto to help the team that was attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. Later, some team members left the team Raimon so Kurumada was angry. Then, against Eito Institute, the Fifth Sector had forecast a loss of Raimon 3-0. So Gouichi and others played for losing, until Tenma Matsukaze convinced them to play seriously. In Episode 12 half Raimon team will not participate in the next half. In the next episode, we show that Kurumada got tired of seeing the team to be beaten, and joins in the party along with others who also want to play. Kurumada later shown to Amagi, and Sangoku, come help with Tenma and Shinsuke creating Shinsuke technique.

Kurama Norihito – Inazuma Eleven GO

June 4th, 2012

Kurama Norihito (仓 间 典 人) is a character of Inazuma Eleven GO and Raimon player is striker.

He has blue hair and eyes are black. Her skin is tan. His hair covers his left eye. He is the smallest in the second on the team. Is their 2nd year at the Institute Raimon. Using his acute physical, is a striker with a miraculous fire control.

It is short-tempered and easily angered, is a person who hates and despises people like Tenma and even coach Mark. Although he cares deeply for the equipment as shown in the following events in Episode 15, Episode 16 and Episode 17, I was more determined to finish the Final Lightning.

Session 1 is first seen with the team Raimon, to help the team that was attacked by Tsurugi Kyousuke. Later, trying to convince some players to Raimon not be the team, but do not do not listen. Later, he met Tenma Matsukaze and new coach Mark Evans, but shows no sympathy for them, like his fellow Atsushi Minamisawa, with whom he gets along.

When Travis Percival was dismissed from his position coach, Kurama thinks the cause of his departure was Tenma. As the story progresses, Tenma grows to despise even more. In Episode 11, after he left the team Minamisawa, Norihito Tenma again attributed it to even yell at him, saying that he is destroying the Raimon Soccer not the Fifth Sector, and Tsurugi, but him.

Before the game against Mannouzaka, the second game of the Tournament Holy Road, warned that Tenma will prevent you from making a move against the Fifth Sector. However, when the front of Mannouzaka Kenma Isozaki and Mitsuyoshi Yozakura move there for the party after realizing that Kurama was the only one not playing at full capacity, it seemed that it would not make a move. Unexpectedly, he passes the ball to Tsurugi in the last second.